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AirFlow  Vent Phone Holder                                        DriverCup  Organizer
                                                                 Clip-on phone mount won’t block air vents                         Turn a cupholder into a 5-pocket protective driver organizer
                                                        n pivoting clip with twist lock                                            n 3 soft lined compartments
                                                        n grip mount rotates 360° for vertical or horizontal viewing               n 2 side mesh pockets
                                                        n arm rotates 360° to position phone up or down                            n rubber cord port on back
                                                        n universal mount holds phones up to 3.5” wide
                                                        Style:         HR-5575-BLK                                                 Style:        HR-DRC-7501-BLK
                                                        Color:         Black                                                       Color:        Black/Gray
                                                        UPC:           0-88838-01220-4                                             UPC:          0-88838-00940-2
                                                        Size:          2.75 x 3.75 x 3.75”                                         Size:         5.5 x 5.5 x 7.5”
                                                        Case pack:   6                                                             Case pack:   6
                                                        MSRP:          $12.99                                                      MSRP:         $12.99

                                                        Smartphone Windshield Mount                                                Multiport Charging Station                                   5A Triple USB Car Charger

                                                        Pivoting window mount positions phone                                      Convert a single socket into a 4-port power station          Charge up to 3 devices simultaneously
                                                        for best viewing                                                           n 2 ft. cord extends power to the back seat                  n plugs into standard 12-24V car

                                                        n padded tension grip secures phone to holder                              n 2.1A and 1A ports charge a phone and tablet                  power sockets
                                                        n suction mount with base clamp to prevent slipping                        n 12V socket lights for nighttime use                        n two 2.1A and one 1A port
                                                        n pivots for vertical or horizontal viewing                                n 3M adhesive pad included                                   n short circuit protection
                                                        n attaches without hardware or adhesives

                                                        Style:         HR-5545-BLK                                                 Style:        HR-5548-BLK                                    Style:         HR-5543-BLK
                                                        Color:         Black                                                       Color:        Black                                          Color:         Black
                                                        UPC:           0-88838-01142-9                                             UPC:          0-88838-01150-4                                UPC:           0-88838-01140-5
                                                        Size:          2.75 x 4.5 x 2”                                             Size:         3.25 x 2.25 x 1.25”                            Size:          1.25 x 2.5 x .75”
                                                        Case pack:   6                                                             Case pack:   6                                               Case pack:   6
                                                        MSRP:          $12.99                                                      MSRP:         $16.99                                         MSRP:          $14.99

                                                        Ultra DriverPockets               ™                                        StashCache Phone Holder
                                                        Phone Organizer                                                            A 3-in-1 phone stand, coin tray and pen holder
                                                        Air vent phone organizer lets you charge on-the-go                         n angled stand supports front and back of phone

                                                        n 3 soft-lined pockets and 2 elastic side loops                            n storage tray, cord controls and pen holder
                                                        n back pocket fits phones up to 3 x 6”                                     n grip surface – attaches without hardware or adhesive
                                                        n rubber cord port on back                                                 n patented
                                                        n patent pending

                                                        Style:         HR-5555-BLK                                                 Style:        HR-5554-BLK
                                                        Color:         Black                                                       Color:        Black
                                                        UPC:           0-88838-01157-3                                             UPC:          0-88838-01156-6
                                                        Size:          3.75 x 2 x 6”                                               Size:         5.5 x 5.75 x 1.5”
                                                        Case pack:   6                                                             Case pack:   6
                                                        MSRP:          $12.99                                                      MSRP:         $9.99

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