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Registration Wallet                                              Visor Organizer

                                                                  Accessible storage for important documents                       Organize auto documents, cards, change and
                                                                                                                                   glasses within easy reach
                                                                  n elastic straps hold wallet to visor
                                                                  n 2 clear pockets keep contents in view                          n 2 zippered pockets
                                                                  n mesh corner card pocket                                        n 5 utility pockets with pen loop
                                                                                                                                   n padded sunglass compartment
                                                                                                                                   n hook and loop strap attachments

                                                                  Style:        HR-REGISTRATIONBLK                                 Style:        PV-BLACK-BLK
                                                                  Color:        Black                                              Color:        Black
                                                                  UPC:          0-88838-00938-9                                    UPC:          0-88838-00710-1
                                                                  Size:         5.25 x .25 x 5”                                    Size:         12 x .25 x 6”
                                                                  Case pack:   6                                                   Case pack:   6
                                                                  MSRP:         $7.99                                              MSRP:         $12.99

                                                                  Auto Document Organizer                                          Memory Foam Seat Belt Pad

                                                                  6-pocket zip-close case keeps important                          Plush pad prevents seatbelt chafing and irritation
                                                                  documents organized                                              n wraps around seatbelt with hook and loop closure
                                                                  n 5 inside storage pockets                                       n memory foam pad insert
                                                                  n center pocket for pen or tire gauge                            n ultrasoft microsuede fabric cover
                                                                  n zippered outside pocket and pen loop
                                                                  n note pad included

                                                                  Style:        AUTODOCUMENTBLK                                    Style:             HR-DR-7505BLK
                                                                  Color:        Black                                              Color:        Black
                                                                  UPC:          0-88838-00842-9                                    UPC:          0-88838-01087-3
                                                                  Size:         6.5 x 1 x 9.5” (closed)                            Size:         3 x 1 x 8”
                                                                  Case pack:   6                                                   Case pack:   3
                                                                  MSRP:         $15.99                                             MSRP:         $7.99

                                                                           Lumbar Support Cushion                                  Cooling Seat Cushion

                                                                           Contoured cushion provides firm                         Ventilated seat cushion provides comfort & support
                                                                           back support at work or while driving                   n top mesh panel allows airflow

                                                                  n contoured shape molds to body                                  n zip-off neoprene and mesh cover
                                                                  n fits on chair or driver seat with 2 elastic straps             n honeycomb insert provides cushioned support
                                                                  n dense foam insert provides firm support                        n back-tab slips under seat back to hold in place
                                                                  n rich leather-look cover                                        n Spot clean

                                                                  Style:        HR-5573-BLK                                        Style:        HR-5572-BLK
                                                                  Color:        Black                                              Color:        Black
                                                                  UPC:          0-88838-01209-9                                    UPC:          0-88838-01208-2
                                                                  Size:         15.5 x 3.5 x 15.25”                                Size:         18.25 x 16.5 x .75”
                                                                  Case pack:   3                                                   Case pack:   3
                                                                  MSRP:         $19.99                                             MSRP:         $29.99

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